15 of The Best Recipes To Grill Chicken with Broil King

We’ve put together a list of our favorite Broil King grilled chicken recipes and organized them by grilling style. Whether you want to rotisserie grill the whole chicken to perfection or smoke crispy golden chicken wings, We’ve got you covered.


Chicken grilling tip: Take your time, never rush grilled chicken beacuse it may just end up raw on the inside and burnt on the outside. Let the skin get golden brown and fats on the inside melt into buttery goodness.


Chicken smoking tip: Since you’re smoking chicken at a lower temperature a golden crispy skin is going to take longer. But you can take a shortcut by adding some baking powder to your salty rub. It raises the PH in the chicken skin to dry it out a little. Essentially the reaction breaks down the amino acids and releases water without the heat usually necessary to achiece the same result through the maillard reaction.


Rotisserie Chicken Tips: Lock one rotisserie fork in place before mounting the chicken, you won’t have to adjust it on the grill, that’s a stress reliever. Put your water or drip pan into the grill dry then fill it with liquid and some aeromatics, your carpet will thank us. Season under the breast skin and put vegetables or fruit in the body cavity for flavor, moisture and presentation-awesomeness.

Ben – Culinary Director.