Broil King Holiday Gift Guide

Do you have an aspiring grill master on your list this holiday season? How about giving them the gift of great barbecue. We offer many great gift ideas for novice grillers to experienced pit masters. Check out our list and find the right gift for you.

BK Gift Ideas

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  1. Broil King Premium Pork Claws– If the chef on your lists enjoys tending their grill for hours on end, consider a pair of the Broil King pork claws.  Built to perform, these claws make pulling pork shoulders, beef roasts and poultry quick and easy.
  2. Broil King Apron and Grill Gloves – Keep your loved ones clean and burn free this winter with this great gift combo. The Broil King apron will keep holiday attire sauce and grease free this season. With its convenient front pockets, everything a chef needs can be kept close at hand. Paired with the Broil King leather grill gloves, the barbecue master on your list will be protected from the hottest of grills.
  3. Broil King Digital Thermometer – Take the guess work out of grilling this season with the Broil King deluxe folding thermometer. With its quick read digital display and night time lighting there is no reason meats shouldn’t be cooked to perfection every time.
  4. The Perfect Steak Combo – Need a stocking stuffer for the chef in your family? Why not give them the gift of the perfect steak. The Broil King steak rub and marinade make for the perfect flavour combo. The high acidity marinade can have meats ready to cook within 30 minutes. Mixed with the great taste of the Broil King steak spice, the result is exactly what the name implies: The Perfect Steak.
  5. Stainless Steel Smoker Box and Flavored Wood Chips Deep smoky flavours and fall-off-the-bone tenderness are hallmarks of traditional barbecue cuisine. Allow budding backyard chefs the chance to create those mouth-watering dishes at home with a smoker box and flavoured wood chips. Consider gifting a few different types, as many backyard chefs enjoy experimenting and crafting their own special blends.
  6. Broil King Rib Roaster – Want to turn the griller in your house from zero to hero? The Broil King Rib Roaster will do just that. Ribs are made simple with this great accessory. By trapping in the moisture in the box, ribs will steam to near fall off the bone perfection in no time.
  7. Grill StoneThe 15″ diameter ceramic composite grilling and pizza stone is ideal for high temperature indirect baking on your grill. The extra thick .75″ stone provides more even heat and better insulation from the direct flames. The composite resists moisture or temperature related cracking.
  8. Broil King Stainless Steel Grill Brush– This heavy duty grill brush features a ‘grime guard’ – it keeps the grill and the grill-master clean. Pair it with a biodegradable grill cleaner, and a set of replacement heads and let the chef focus on the cooking, not cleaning.
  9. Broil King Presentation Skewer Rack – For those that love to entertain the Broil King presentation skewer rack is a sure winner among this year’s gifts. The 16 prong rack can go directly from grill to table and works great for appetisers or a main course for more intimate affairs.
  10. Broil King Porta-Chef™ 320 – Perfect for tailgating or camping, this BBQ is a great gift for the griller on the go. Built with the same quality craftsmanship as a full sized grill, the Porta-Chef 320 is ready to perform. With 3 stainless steel tube burners and over 295 sq. in. of cooking space it has unlimited control. The collapsible design means this barbecue can easily be taken with them when they go.


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