Broil King

Focused on Your Next Cookout

At Broil King, grilling season is always on our minds. We are passionate grillers, both in and out of the office.

This summer, we want to get to know YOU, our fellow grillers. We want to know more about your social grilling behaviors and how they’ve changed to accommodate new rules and comforts.

To hear what you’re saying about grilling, during the season that you’re grilling the most, we teamed up with SWNS Media Group. Read on for a few of our favorite observations. You can find all of the study findings here but we’ve selected some of our favorite observations below.

There’s something therapeutic about grilling. Sure, it’s about the act of cooking food over an open flame, but it’s just as much about the social gathering. It’s a time to take in the warmth of the summer and the company of loved ones. It’s a time to unplug and enjoy the quiet of a relaxing evening. What happens on the grill is just as important as what happens around it.

Picture a warm, summer scene. This could be at the beach, in your backyard, camping, or tailgating. Regardless of location, there’s a good chance there’s a grill and fire-kissed food somewhere in that scene. When we think of summer, most of us think of grilling, and that always puts us in a great mood.

Now, picture your friends and family participating in the activities of summer. While some would prefer lounging by the pool, others would rather chase a soccer ball or swing a home-run in the hot sun. One thing we can all agree on, though, is our love for warmth, water, and food. Sometimes, the simple pleasures are the most universally enjoyed.

For many, firing up the grill is a keystone of summer. Some people want to be the chef – impressing friends and family with something delicious, fresh and imaginative – while others love to watch and remark. Whichever side of the grill you find yourself on, there’s a good chance that your senses ignite when you hear the sizzle, smell the smoke, and see the sear of a great grilled meal.

During the study, we asked what kinds of conversations happen at your cookouts, and we’re thrilled with the findings. Publications that picked up this study also found the topics of these conversations to be quite interesting. “Forty-two percent [of participants polled] said they had a life-changing conversation around their grill. Some of the most impactful conversations include discussions of selling a house and moving across the country, becoming a father, and finding closure after someone passes.” YahooLife. While we’ve known for more than 35 years that a great number of life-changing conversations happen around our own grills, we were touched to learn of the incredible role that a summer cookout plays in your lives, too.

The flavors and smells that go along with our favorite season are unmistakable. As we move into fall, hold on to those memories of summer. Thoughts of grilling in the warm, summer air can improve our mood, remind us of life-changing experiences, and tease of the best days to come.

At Broil King, we are honored to be a part of your most memorable summer experiences: not just on the grill, but gathered around it.

You can find all of the SWNS Media Group study findings here.