Ask any BBQ enthusiast “how do you cook ribs?”. They’ll say smoke at a low temp, then wrap them in foil to finish to perfection. Why waste the foil or risk a messy rib grease spill? The foil finishing process simply breaks down fats and steams the meat, giving you soft succulent pull off the bone ribs. The Broil King® Rib Roaster goes one step further; your ribs stand vertically on a stainless grate to save space, and keep them from stewing in their own juices. Steamed ribs are delicious, boiled ribs aren’t. Get perfectly roasted ribs every time.

Made of heavy cast iron surrounded by a durable porcelain coating. Easy to season and easy to clean.  Internal roasting rack elevates ribs off the bottom of the pot to steam in their juices or other flavored liquids.  Ribs cook completely and stay moist in far less time.  Crafted to fit directly on the cooking grids or Flav-R-Wave™ of a Broil King® grill. Save space, cook better ribs, it’s a great grill top Dutch oven too!

On the smoker try 1 hour in the smoke at 225°F / 107°C and 2 hours in the roaster at 300°F / 149°C. Or on a gas grill, roast your ribs completely and in under 1 hour at 415°F / 212°C.





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