Broil King


The new Pellet Grill App Calibration Tool was launched as part of the latest Broil King App download on iOS. Its launch is in response to a request from several users who’ve asked specifically for this feature. The Android version is expected soon. Please keep an eye on Broil King’s Facebook page and newsletters for an update.

*Note: If you are experiencing a +/- temperature difference greater than 10-degrees Fahrenheit, you may need to change the cook box probe or meat probe(s).

How to calibrate the temperature

1. Update the Broil King App in the app store (as of 27 March, you need at least version 2.5.16)

2. The Pellet Grill must be turned on (the controller should display temperature)

3. Connect your mobile device to the Pellet Grill via the app remote

4. Connect the Pellet Grill to WiFi using the Settings (gear icon) button in the top-right corner.

a. Enter your WiFi name and password (spelling mistakes are common – must be identical i.e. case sensitive)

5. While connected to WiFi, select the calibration tool in the top left-hand corner of the settings screen (found on the same page as the WiFi set-up). Agree to update the firmware in order to perform calibration.

a. IMPORTANT Keep the loading screen open during the entire firmware update process. Do not back out of the app or let the device go to sleep – roughly 3min.
b. Once complete, the app will be disconnected from the grill and return to the device list.

6. Reconnect to the grill. The functional calibration tool will now be on the settings page (found on same page as WiFi setup from step 4)

7. The grill’s controller display will turn off while calibrating. This is normal.

8. Follow the instructions shown in the calibration screen

a. In the calibration tool, you can offset the displayed temperature to reflect the temperature of your choice in the range of +/- 10 degrees.
b. If the displayed grill temperature has a higher value than what you believe it to be, then the negative button needs to be pressed to decrease the displayed temperature. If the grill is displaying a lower temperature, the positive button needs to be pressed to increase the display temperature.
c. Please wait for the temperature to stabilize. It is OK to press the “-“ or “+” button before it stabilizes, but you still need to wait for adjustment to complete before you exit the calibration page or your grill may not display the desired temperature.
d. NOTE pressing the “-“ or “+” button does not necessarily equal to 1 degree of change. This is to accommodate more accurate changes in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.
e. Once complete press the Check Mark icon and the grill’s controller display will turn back on. The new calibrated display temperature will be shown in the app and on the grill’s controller display.