Your New Favorite Restaurant

…should be your own backyard. You don’t need to dine out to appreciate restaurant-quality meals. With Broil King grills you can take grilling at home to a whole new level.

Your grill is the most versatile cooking appliance you have at home, it can deliver unique and unmistakable flavors limited only by your imagination. It’s the only one that can cook absolutely everything. Think about it; your kitchen stove has two main functions. Stovetop – for heating pots and pans, boiling, searing or frying food, and an oven for roasting, baking or broiling. You probably also have a toaster and a range of other kitchen gizmos & gadgets for cooking food.

Your grill is more versatile than your oven

Since your Broil King grill has a lid and a sealed cookbox which retains heat like your oven, it can do any of the baking and roasting that your oven can. All you need to do is preheat it, dial-in the temperature and bake that perfect blueberry pie, roast some potatoes with leeks and pancetta, or your favorite prime rib. You can even bake from-the-box items like frozen pizza, chicken fingers, or fries.

The direct-flame side burner on your Broil King is the same, if not better than, your oven range top. It has lots of power for boiling water, simmering or sauteing. Your grill surface can do a lot of the low to medium pan work too, provided you use pots and pans with metal handles. For example, you get so much more character from a pasta sauce infused with flavor from wood chips and the juices that were vaporized from your grilled meatballs.

Your grill has benefits beyond its ability to bake and boil. Crank your Broil King up and put a pizza stone on the cooking grids. While your oven may top out at 550F (288C), your Broil King is very comfortable at 700 – 800 F (371-426C); the perfect temperature for a fresh Neapolitan style pizza.

And we saved the best for last! Your grill has a flavor advantage that you just can’t get indoors … smoke. Smoke in the kitchen often comes with a side of BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, and maybe some barking and crying and towel waving. But out on your grill, smoke is a flavor opportunity! Vaporization is packed with flavor and when it bastes your food it adds a lot of depth to your meal.

So put down that video game controller and try the following 10 grilling activities with your family.

10 Grilling activities to enjoy while you’re practicing social distancing at home

  1. Bake a pizza, fresh or frozen. Just bake it on the grill, follow the instructions as you would for cooking it in the oven. Put it right on the grids or on a pizza stone (you’ll need the stone if it’s a fresh pizza).
  2. Get a griddle and make a grilled cheese on the grill, extra easy and extra tasty. Keep that lid closed and melt the cheese completely. Gooey goodness!
  3. Get the kids involved! Making pizzas from scratch is an easy way to get kids of all ages involved. They can top their own pizza before it goes on the grill. Keep small kids away from the HOT grilling work. Use the opportunity to teach older kids safety and proper grilling techniques. Remember, if someone doesn’t know how to safely turn on, turn off and start a grill they shouldn’t be grilling. Safety first.
  4. Make breakfast on the grill. Bacon is better on a griddle since you can leave it to drip from the warming rack when it’s done. No grease in the fire please! Fry your eggs in some bacon grease, it’s a camping classic. Toast your bread on the cooking grids. Use those metal-handle pans we mentioned earlier.
  5. Bake a loaf of bread on the grill, using either a loaf pan or a pizza stone. If you’re a beginner, pick a simple recipe to prove to yourself that it can be done. Any of the oven-ready biscuits and croissants are easy too. A big Dutch oven is one of the best ways to bake buttery biscuits. Extra butter, please.
  6. Use the side burner to boil some corn or pasta.
  7. Get some of those oven-ready fries or chicken strips and bake them, on a baking sheet, on your grill. They’ll probably be more golden brown in less time. Follow the instructions on the box.
  8. Stop steaming and start grilling your vegetables. You can make a grill-top stew with grilled vegetables packed with extra flavor.
  9. Make a hot beverage on the grill. Heat up a mulled wine or grill some fruit for a margarita!
  10. Grill your dessert, grilled fruit is amazing and can be the star of the show.

Now you’re thinking, “Wow, my Broil King can do all that?” Yes, and more. Get bold, try something new, wow your family with your own cooking versatility as you learn to do more with Broil King.