Tips on cleaning your Broil King gas grill to maintain grilling performance.

Remove burner and inspect for cracks and deterioration. Clean venturi tubes using a pipe cleaner or venturi brush to eliminate any blockages caused by spiders or insects.
Using a stainless steel brush scrape off any residue that has accumulated on the Flav-R-Wave™ heat medium.
Cookbox / Oven
With the burner(s) and Flav-R-Wave™ removed, scrape the inside of the oven using a sturdy bristle brush and then use an industrial vacuum cleaner to remove any ash and debris. Then, using a barbecue cleaner scrub the inside and outside of the oven and then rinse with water. Never use oven cleaner on your barbecue, it is corrosive and can damage the other components.
Grease Tray
The grease tray is located immediately below the hole through which grease will drain and is accessible from the rear of the barbecue. The grease tray should be checked and cleaned or replaced regularly to prevent grease from overflowing onto your patio.
Exterior Finish
If white oxidation spots appear, wash the outside of the housing with a mild soap and water solution. Rinse the surfaces thoroughly, and then wipe them with a cloth dipped in cooking oil to restore the luster. For repair of paint scratches and scuffs, use a good quality HIGH temperature (600°F) spray paint for touch-up. Rusting is a natural oxidation process and may appear on cast-iron and steel parts. Rust will not affect short term performance of your barbecue grill. Use stainless steel cleaner to polish and remove stains and marks from stainless steel components. Weathering and extreme heat can cause a stainless steel lid to turn a tan color. This is discoloration and is not considered a manufacturing defect.
You should perform a leak test every time you disconnect and reconnect a gas fitting, and at least once per year or after any long period of non use.
How to Perform a Leak Test:
1. Extinguish any open flame or cigarettes in the area.
2. Be sure that gas supply valve and appliance valves are “off”.
3. Prepare a soap solution of one part water, one part liquid detergent.
4. Open the propane or natural gas supply valve slowly.
5. Brush the soap solution on each connection, including the tank, the quick disconnect coupling, and on each connection between the orifice and control valve.
6. A leak is identified by a flow of bubbles from the area of the leak.
7. If a leak is detected, close the gas supply valve, tighten all connection and retest (Step 4).
8. If the leak persists, contact our customer service department for assistance.
9. Do not attempt to operate appliance if a leak is present.
Replacement Parts
If a problem is found with the regulator, hose, burner, or control valves, do not attempt repair. Contact our customer service department or see your dealer or approved service centre. To ensure optimum performance, use onlyoriginal OMC replacement parts.