How do I season my cast iron cooking grids?

It is important to periodically season your cast iron cooking grids. This will prevent food from sticking, prevent rusting and increase the life of your grids for many years to come. Seasoning your cast iron grids is quick and easy to do. Follow these simple steps:
Seasoning new cast iron cooking grids:


Before cooking on your barbecue grill for the first time, wash the grids using a light detergent and water. Rinse then dry with a towel. Never air-dry grids or wash them in a dishwasher.


Spread a thin coating of cooking oil over entire surface of the cast iron grids with a basting brush or oil mister. Be certain the entire surface, including all corners, have been coated thoroughly.

We recommend using a HIGH SMOKE POINT OIL like one of these organic cold pressed cooking oils.

Avocado Oil – smoke point (260C / 500F)

Rice Bran Oil – smoke point (255C / 500F)

Canola Oil – smoke point (204C /400F)

Do not use salted fat such as margarine or butter. Non-stick cooking sprays are less effective as they burn off at low heat.


Now that you have applied oil to your new cast iron grids, light the grill and operate on Med/Low (400F or 200C) for 30 minutes. The oil bakes on and creates a non-stick protective layer. Turn the control knobs OFF. After the grids have cooled, they are seasoned and ready to use.

Re-seasoning cast iron cooking grids:
It’s always best to clean and re-season your grids after you have finished grilling your meal. So before you turn off your barbecue grill, follow these simple steps:


With the lid open, turn the control knobs to the MEDIUM HIGH position. Close the lid and wait ten minutes. This will help burn off excess food debris and oils. Then, open the lid and turn the control knobs to the off position. Clean your grids by removing any excess food and oils using a quality stainless steel barbecue grill brush or wood BBQ scrapper.


Spread a thin coating of High Smoke Point Oil over entire surface of the cast iron grids with a basting brush or oil mister.
Storing Your Cast Iron Grids:
When your barbecue grill is not in use for long periods of time, store your cast iron grids in a dry warm place. Coating clean, dry cooking grids with cooking oil (at room temperature) will create an extra layer of protection against rust.