A Vaporization Shield Assembly is being provided for Baron models with serial numbers starting with “M”.

The Vaporization Shield Assembly:
• Disperses and vaporizes food juices and grease
• Reduces the extreme temperature the aluminum casting is exposed to during an inadvertent grease fire
• Strengthens and shields the grease cup
To ensure you have the correct update, please compare the Assembly part number to the number of primary burners on your Baron model (excluding rotisserie and side burner).
Baron – Vaporization Shield Assembly
5 Primary Burners – Part# 18525
4 Primary Burner – Part# 18524
3 Primary Burner – Part# 18523

The Vaporization Shield Assembly should take approximately 20 minutes to install.
Please go online to register your product and click that you have received and installed the Vaporization Shield Assembly. We promise not to send you additional communications unless authorized.

Broil King barbecues are designed with extra power to provide lid open grilling on cold and windy days. Please remember to preheat your barbecue on “Medium” power settings. Very seldom will you ever need more than “Medium” power settings for every-day grilling.


We sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm for Broil King products and hope you enjoy many years of happy grilling.

Many thanks from the Broil King Team.