Pikant und süß geräucherte Bohnen

Schwierigkeit 2/5     Vorbereitungszeit 15 Min     Garzeit 75 Min    Personen 8-10 Zutaten 225g Speck 1 Zwiebel, in Würfel geschnitten 2 Knoblauchschoten 2 TL Chili Pulver 1 TL gemahlener Kreuzkümmel 2 TL Chipotle Chilis in adobe Sauce 1/2 cup brown sugar 2 Melasse 1 Flasche Bier 1 Dose schwarze, rote und weiße Bohnen, abgetropft Zubereitung Den …

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Perfekte Rippchen vom Pellet Smoker

Schwierigkeit 2/5     Vorbereitungszeit 15 Min.     Garzeit 3 Std.    Personen 6-8 Zutaten 4 Rippchen Zutaten für die Sauce Barbecue Gewürzmischung für Rippchen Barbecue Sauce für Rippchen Zutaten für die Mop-Marinade 50/50 Mischung aus Whiskey und Honig Für den Rauch Broil King® Smoke Master’s Holzpellets Tipp: Nutzen Sie den Rib Roaster (69614) von Broil King um …

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Difficulty 2/5     Prep Time 15 MIN     Cook Time 40 MINS    Serves 4-6
    • 1 lb (.45 kg) fresh Brussels sprouts cleaned and halved
    • 1 lb (.45 kg) pork belly bacon
    • 3 tablespoons of Broil King® Perfect KC BBQ Spice Rub
    • 1 beer – try an IPA

  • Broil King® Smoke Master’s Blend Pellets


  1. Clean and halve the Brussels sprouts, set aside. Lay out the strips of bacon and cut it into rough squares.
  2. Preheat your pellet or gas grill on MEDIUM heat 400°F (204°C) with a cast griddle or skillet on the cooking surface.
  3. Fry the bacon in the skillet to the point where the fat is mainly rendered but the bacon is still soft and underdone. Remove the bacon and temporarily set aside; pour off bacon grease from griddle or skillet. Return the bacon to the skillet.
  4. Add the Brussels to the pan and a tablespoon of Perfect KC BBQ Spice Rub and mix completely. Pour in half of the beer the rest can be reserved for sampling. Stir occasionally unseating any stuck-on bits. Your goal is to brown the Brussels and completely cook the bacon, the beer will steam the Brussels, evaporate and leave behind a great flavour.
  5. Remove and serve directly from the pan.


Ben – Culinary Director
Broil King