Rain, snow or windy conditions, Broil King® exact fit covers are available in two premium quality materials to ensure the best protection from all the elements.

Broil King® Cover Guide

Protect Your Investment This guide applies to North American Broil King grill models. For assistance selecting a cover for an older Broil King® model please refer to the measuring guide below or contact us.
Premium Cover Guide
Model Models
68490 REGAL 690
68492 REGAL 590
68491 REGAL 490, 440, 420
68488 BARON 590, 520
68487 BARON 490, 440, 420
68470 BARON 320
68487 CROWN 490, 440, 420
68491 SOVEREIGN XLS 90, XLS 20
68487 SIGNET 390, 70, 320
68470 MONARCH 390, 340, 320
Select Cover Guide
Model Models
67488 BARON 590, 520
67487 BARON 490, 440, 420
67470 BARON 320
67487 CROWN 490, 440, 420
67487 SINGET 90, 70, 320
67470 MONARCH  390, 340, 320
67420 GEM 320 (with shelves up)
67420 PORTA- CHEF 320, 120
67420 GEM 320 (with shelves down)
67066 CROWN PELLET 500
67064 CROWN PELLET 400
67468 GEM™ 310 / ROYAL 320, 340
Broil King® Premium Grill Covers (5 Year Warranty)

Crafted from water resistant PVC with a heavy woven 900D polyester backing. Broil King® Premium covers feature mesh venting for enhanced air flow and moisture resistance as well as hook and loop closures for a superior fit. Blue accent stitching adds style to the extra reinforced seams. Molded rubber handles make the cover easy to remove. Well-crafted covers to protect well-built grills!

Broil King® Select Grill Covers (3 Year Warranty)

Broil King® Select Series covers are crafted from durable and weather resistant PVC outer shell with a 500 x 300D polyester lining. These deluxe covers feature hook and loop closures, polyester handles, and the Broil King® logo screened onto the front.

When purchasing a grill cover keep the following points in mind:
    • Grill covers are tailored to fit the shape of most grills. If the angled points in the material are wider or more narrow than the grill itself problems can develop in either of the following ways.
        • a) Over sized covers hold in moisture by draping all the way to the ground, extra moisture rots a grill faster.
        • b) Undersized grill covers rub on the corners of the shelf and are more prone to tearing at those friction points.
        • c) Essentially the perfect size of cover should allow the grill to breath and fit it comfortably.
      • Hook and Loop closures keep the cover in place in the wind, the small hook and loop tabs may seem unimportant but they’re the only thing keeping a grill cover in place and out of your neighbours yard in the wind.
      • Handles on a grill cover make it easy to place and remove as they are located in optimal lift points to keep the cover from snagging on the way off and on.
      • A hanging loop allows a wet grill cover to dry and a dry grill cover to stay dry when not in use. A heap of balled up grill cover next to your grill not only looks bad but also retains moisture and invites insects and other pests to turn it into a habitat.
    Broil King Premium Grill Cover
    Broil King Select Grill Cover

    How to measure your barbecue for a cover Using a tape measure establish the length, depth, and height of your grill. Write down these measurements.
    Measure Broil King Grill Cover

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