The essential accessories for the serious griller

Whether you’re a burger flipper or a culinary explorer, having the right tools to do the job is well worth it. This will make your life easier and the right accessories will also create the best possible result for whatever grilled masterpiece you’re working on.

Tongs: These are the ultimate go-to grilling tool.  Find a set of tongs that is long enough to keep your hands away from the heat of the grill, but let you easily pick up and maneuver food on the grill surface. We recommend having a few sets of tongs close by, and reminds you to never use the same tongs for raw and cooked food.

Rib and Roast Rack: This tool will double or triple the number of ribs you can get on your grill or smoker.  Grill racks also make it easy to remove ribs and roasts from the grill. Look for one featuring durable construction to ensure it can handle large cuts of meat.

Stone Grill Set: Bake restaurant-quality pizza, bread and even pastries using a durable stone grill set.  Barbecued pizza provides a more authentic pie since the hot, dry air in your grill yields a much better result than preparing it in a conventional oven.

Wood Chips and Chunks: For either gas or charcoal grills, wood chips can enhance the flavour of any slow cooked meats.  Think of smoke as another means of adding seasoning.  From the pungent flavours of hickory and mesquite to the sweeter, more delicate apple and cherry, several different types of chips are available and suited to specific cuts of meat.

Barbecue Griddles: Just like flat-top griddles used in restaurants,  a non-stick griddle on a gas or charcoal barbecue is a versatile and handy tool for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Many griddles are reversible, with a flat surface for cooking eggs and pancakes on one side, and ridges on the other side for sandwiches and panini’s.

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