Broil King

Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday shopping season is underway and to help you find the perfect gift for the outdoor chef on your list, we have put together a list of items for every type of grill master.

BK Gift Ideas

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  1. Broil King Premium Pork Claws – If the chef on your lists enjoys tending their grill for hours on end, consider a pair of the Broil King pork claws.  Built to perform, these claws make pulling pork shoulders, beef roasts and poultry quick and easy.
  2. Broil King Rib Rack and Roast Support –Save space in your grill or smoker with Broil King’s rugged rib and roast rack.  The oversized handles make it easy to remove ribs and roasts from the grill.
  3. Slider Basket and Burger Press –   This set is the perfect way to make homemade slider patties.   Easily shape the perfect burger and then grill multiple burgers at once with the grill basket.
  4. Stainless Steel Smoker Box and Flavored Wood Chips Deep smoky flavours and fall-off-the-bone tenderness are hallmarks of traditional barbecue cuisine. Allow budding backyard chefs the chance to create those mouth-watering dishes at home with a smoker box and flavoured wood chips. Consider gifting a few different types, as many backyard chefs enjoy experimenting and crafting their own special blends.
  5. LED Q-lite™ Grill LightA BBQ light makes a great gift for the year round griller. The adjustable grip easily mounts the light to most lid handles, and the swivel head shines light where you want it.
  6. Grill StoneThe 15″ diameter ceramic composite grilling and pizza stone is ideal for high temperature indirect baking on your grill. The extra thick .75″ stone provides more even heat and better insulation from the direct flames. The composite resists moisture or temperature related cracking.
  7. Mezzaluna Pizza Cutter – This professional pizza cutter is a must have for family pizza night.    Rocking the blade of the mezzaluna through the face of a pizza keeps the toppings from getting pushed around, and the equal pressure being applied from side to side ensures each cut is clean.
  8. Cedar Cutting Board – Made from 100% cedar, this premium cutting board features an extra-large cutting surface with a high volume moat, making it perfect for large cuts of meat. Best of all, the cutting board is dishwasher safe, guaranteed.
  9. Broil King Stainless Steel Grill Brush – This heavy duty grill brush features a ‘grime guard’ – it keeps the grill and the grill-master clean. Pair it with a biodegradable grill cleaner, and a set of replacement heads and let the chef focus on the cooking, not cleaning.
  10. Broil King KegYou’ll find this item on many Christmas wish lists this year.  A great option for the gas grilling enthusiast looking to get into charcoal.  Unlike most ceramic “kamado-style” grills, the Broil King Keg’s durable body is made of double walled steel with high grade insulation in between. This technologically advanced design holds temperatures at a narrow range for continuous even heat, delivering textbook cooking results.

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