Since the rotisserie is operated by electricity, do not use it during rainy or snowy weather. Remember to use a drip pan. Position the pan beneath centre of food. Put half to one inch of water in the drip pan and add cranapple or pineapple juice for added flavour. Do not let drip pan burn dry.


  • Vegetable Oil
  • Turkey (Cooking time is approximately 10 – 20 minutes per lb.)


  1. Lay turkey, breast side down, and stuff. Bring neck skin up over neck cavity. Turn under edges of skin; skewer to back skin. Loop twine around skewer and tie. Turn breast side up. Tie or skewer wings to body. It is important to securely tie the turkey.
  2. Put spit fork on rod. Insert rod in neck skin parallel to backbone; bring it out just above tail. Put a second fork on rod. Insert forks in breast and tail area. Test for balance. Tighten screws. Tie tail to rod with twine. Cross legs; tie to tail.
  3. Test for balance/Spit Balancer. Loosen the rod handle to allow the balancer to turn freely. Set the rotisserie rod in the slots of the grill casting. Let the heaviest side of the meat rotate to the bottom. Adjust the balancer to the top of the rod, opposite the heaviest side of the meat. Tighten the rod handle. Periodically, check to see if the meat turns smoothly while cooking. Adjust the balancer as necessary.
  4. NOTE: If your grill is equipped with a rear rotisserie burner, do not operate main burner when rear burner is in use.