Seasonal Ingredients For Your Next Fall BBQ

What comes to mind when you think of fall food? Comfort foods, sweet potatoes, apples, warm spices, and all the squash! If you’re starting to plan your favourite fall dishes for the cooler days ahead, don’t forget to add your grill to feature your grills unique capabilities. Many of these seasonal ingredients that are associated with fall are perfect for the grill!


Squash is the epitome of fall. After all, the pumpkin is the official mascot of Halloween! Millions of these orange, green, white and even blue(ish) squash are grown every year just to get carved up and tossed to the curb on November 1st. But it’s the rest of the squash family that makes your menu shine every fall, thanks to their savoury buttery flavours.

They cook up deliciously on the grill!

Try these Grilled Acorn Squash, stuffed with root vegetables, like sweet potatoes, parsnip, and carrots. If you’re still on the low-carb summer diet, these Spaghetti Squash Burrito Bowls are a delicious way to help you maintain your dietary goals!

Apples & Pears

Fall is peak season for these crisp, sweet and incredibly versatile fruits. Baked into pies, grilled for salads, or just eaten fresh with an extra sharp cheddar, apples and pears work well in a variety of seasonal dishes.

Try this all-out autumnal menu by starting with a fresh Mixed Green Salad With Grilled Pears and Blue Cheese, followed by a grilled Turkey Breast stuffed with brie, apple butter, sage and prosciutto, and finish with a Traditional Apple Pie baked right in your Broil King Keg!

Root Vegetables

In the fall sweet potatoes, turnips, parsnips, carrots, and rutabagas abound! Root vegetables are widely available, inexpensive, and quite healthy for you as they grow underground and absorb nutrients from the soil. They are also amazing on the grill due to the Maillard Reaction that develops flavor compounds from the natural sweetness of the vegetables.

While root vegetables tend to be side dishes, these supporting characters can make your main dish shine. Try these Roasted Potatoes with Rosemary, Smoked Sweet Potato Wedges, Orange Glazed Carrots with mint, or these Roasted Root Vegetables for your next fall BBQ.

Warm Spices

What would fall be without pumpkin spice? Actually, it would be cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, allspice and ginger – the core ingredients of this trendy fall flavour! These spices are in everything fall, from baked items like pies and fresh baked breads, to savoury dishes like chilli and spice-rubbed meats like this Pumpkin-Pie Spiced Pork Loin from Food Network.

If you haven’t cooked dessert on the grill, this fall is the time to give it a try! Traditional Pumpkin Pie, sweet and tart Pear & Cranberry Crumble, and warm cinnamon spiced Carrot Cake embody the tastes and aromas of fall.

Get Your Fall Grilling Going With Broil King

Just because summer’s over doesn’t mean it’s time to put away the grill! Embrace the seasonal ingredients of fall and get grilling. Shop the entire collection of gas and charcoal grills at