My barbecue grill is experiencing excessive flare-ups. What could cause that?

Food drippings may come into contact with the hot flames of the burner, causing a flare-up. Some flare-ups are normal, but excessive flare-ups are most often caused by a buildup of grease. Follow these simple steps:


When the barbecue grill is cool, remove the Flav-R-Wave™ heat medium and brush it with a stainless steel grill brush then place it back into position.


Ensure that the bottom of the barbecue grill oven is kept clean of any grease or cooking debris, including your drip can/pan. For a thorough cleaning, scrape the sides and base of your cook box with a putty knife or barbecue brush, then use an industrial vacuum cleaner to remove any ash and debris.
If your grill is equipped with Broil King’s heavy duty reversible cast iron grids, place the grids with the channel side up when grilling fattier cuts of meat. This will help capture and vaporize more juices right at the cooking grid and the ends of the grids are shaped to allow excess juices to drain away without causing flare-ups.