Broil King

Touchdown Tailgate-Party Recipes!

You’re going to want to stuff your game face with these big game ready grilling snacks. Each recipe will definitely be a touchdown with your guests and they’re extra easy to throw together on game day. A nice slow cook or a little prep work the day before and you’ll be ready to hit the cast-iron.

The King’s Super Bowl

All of your favourites in one bowl. Vegetables make a great garnish and they’re edible too! Our Perfect Steak Marinade Pickles are a great addition. Get the full recipe here.

Pulled Pork Party Ring

Slow cook that pork shoulder to perfection then try out this easy party favourite. Cooking the pulled pork a day in advance saves time on game day! Get the full recipe here.

Pulled Pork Nachos

Pulled pork and nachos with all of our favorite toppings. Get the full recipe here.

The Perfect Drummy-Pops

Chicken drumsticks are a great grab and go appetizer or pot luck item, fully equipped with their own handle. Wrapping the head in prosciutto locks in moisture when grilling them and adds a salty savoury deliciousness. Get the full recipe here.

Mexican Street Corn Fritters

It’s doesn’t have to be Día de Muertos to enjoy some delicious Mexican food, this recipe is made for your backyard and your Broil King. Get the full recipe here.