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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Happy Father’s Day to the guy who has such a passion for grilling that his family is reading this post right now for gift ideas. Grillmaster, we salute you!

Don’t worry kids, our quick Father’s Day personality test will help you place the right grill and accessories in Dad’s hands just in time for the weekend. Join us for this adventurous discovery by channeling Dad’s inner-grilling personality.

The Pitmaster Dad

Are Dad’s dreams filled with faint wisps of hickory, cherry and applewood smoke, and the sweet smell of slow-cooked Q? Do you drift off in the daytime, then wake up to find yourself wrapping the toaster like a brisket?

Then you’re our Pitmaster Dad. And every Pitmaster needs an outlet for their finely honed skills and a few simple tools to help them make the best smoky fare.

Our 5 Top Grill Tools for the Pitmaster Dad

The Saucy Saucier Dad

If your dad was a superhero, would he have two utility belts? Does he have an impressive cooking arsenal that seems to keep growing? Then we’ve got the right grilling accessory for your Saucy Saucier Dad!

Find the man who has everything something special among our wide range of grilling accessories, sauces, spices and marinadees. He’ll enjoy blowing his neighbors’ minds with the wonders of a Rib Roaster or the precision and power of a Broil King Pellet Grill.

Like your dad, we’re also grilling geeks. That’s why you can count on our products for quality, innovation and flavor. In fact, we’re so like your dad that we know exactly what he’d love for Father’s Day. Check out our gift guide for the Saucy Saucier Dad below.

Our 5 Top Grill Tools for The Saucy Saucier Dad

The Sports Fan Dad

There can be only one winner on game day and that’s your dad! He grills on a regular basis in the off-season but absolutely lives for the chance to feature his regular season skills.

Here’s Dad’s winning strategy:
1) Find a Broil King grill large enough to feed the entire team
2) Check the equipment, upgrade if necessary
3) Grill hard in the first half, grill hard in the second half, and grill hard in the third half.
4) Win! Saucy fingers? That’s a win. Guests eating when they should be cheering for sports? That’s a win too. The 4th quarter food coma? You’d better believe that’s a win.
5) Celebrate, we’ve got the Broil King grill you can rally behind, bring home the crown today. Game on!

Our 5 Top Grill Tools for The Sports Fan Dad

The Steak Lover Dad

Is the fire in your dad’s eyes a reflection coming from the grill? Does he enjoy nothing better than the sizzling sound of the perfect sear and flickers of flame that kiss the steak with delicious notes of vaporization?

Your dad is a Steak Lover and we bet his ideal evening of grilling doesn’t take all evening; it’s quick and delicious. He can’t wait to get to his seat at the head of the table to share stories and enjoy praise for his perfect steak grilling skills. He’s the kind of man who loves the power and versatility of gas and its exceptional ease of use. You’ve tried to get him onto the sous-vide train but he laughed saying, “This is SEAR-ience class not science class, you silly sous-ven-tion”.

Well, then you’re in luck because we have the perfect grill items for your dad, the master griller and steak lover!

Our 5 Top Grill Tools for The Steak Lover Dad

The Charred Herbivore Dad

Who says vegetables are boring? Not your dad! His meals are packed with flavor, color, and goodness. He’s not the average low-and-slow smoky John-Doe, his grilling style is tailored by his creativity.

You once saw him roll his eyes at his cousin Darrel’s BBQ. That eye roll said “Good luck with your meat-sweats, carnivores. I’ve got bigger plans for the rest of my day!”.

He knows that his Broil King grill has the power to deliver the perfect sear, but also the precision of control to roast the most delicate fruits (or even pretend-fruits like tomatoes. Come on tomatoes, we can’t put you in cereal or a peanut butter sandwich, who do you think you’re fooling?).

To him, a roasted red pepper is the beginning of something delicious, grilled peaches are a delicacy before or after dinner, and cauliflower is a blank canvas. Did we mention that we have dozens of recipes to keep your dad’s grilling excitement levels cranked up to 11?

Tell him to wear his socks and Birkenstocks with pride, he’s a produce-Picasso. And then get him these great accessories for Father’s Day.

Our 5 Top Grill Tools for The Charred Herbivore Dad

The Fisher Dad

Finally, a griller that appreciates the splendor of the sea. Poseidon will be pleased that his bounty of lobster, shrimp, scallops, and sea bass have not gone to waste. Your dad honors their sacrifice with the eternal flame from his Broil King grill. He sears, sautés and smokes with subtlety, precision, and control. He can prepare the perfect pescatarian platter for his guests, using cedar planks and a cornucopia of flavors.

Now that we’ve had a chance to whet your appetite check out all of the great Broil King recipes for fish and seafood, we’re adding new content every week just for you! No fishing rod or life jacket necessary, fresh-caught or fresh bought, fresh is fresh friends.

Let’s scale back the fish puns and get grilling with Broil King.

Our 5 Top Grill Tools for The Fisher Dad

Ben – Culinary Director.