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You need a new Broil King grill, but where to start? Which store will give you great service and a wide assortment of grills? That’s where we come in. We know our retailers and we know grills, and we want to share our expert knowledge to help you find the right retail partner and the grill of your dreams.

One of the benefits of buying a North American-made Broil King grill, is the local service and expertise that you’ll get from our great Broil King partners. Many offer assembly, after-sales service and, most importantly, home delivery!

Grills are HEAVY and unless you’ve got two to four able, strong bodies and a full-size truck, getting it home can be a challenge. Leave the heavy-lifting to your trusted grilling store. They’ll drop it off and get you setup and grilling in a flash.

Many of these stores also have online shops, so you can place your order from home and let them take care of the rest! Don’t forget to order your favorite grilling accessories too!

Online Grill Shopping Tips

Online shops should be loaded with product details, after all, you can’t touch or measure the grill through your screen. Sift through the data and find what really matters like the grill’s dimensions, burner output and warranty information.

  1. Why are grill dimensions important?
  2. What size cooking surface do you need?
  3. Take a good look at the product pictures
  4. Where was it made?
  5. Read the reviews

Why are grill dimensions important?

Have a tape measure and notepad on-hand to help with this process. First check the width, depth and height of the grill. It needs to fit your grilling space so jot those three critical dimensions down and head out to your deck. A roll of masking tape helps mark it out if necessary. Remember that the actual depth of a grill is calculated as:

  1. the depth of the grill plus …
  2. the depth of the lid (open), usually 6-10″ plus …
  3. the minimum safe distance from a wall or combustible surface (combustible surfaces have to be at least 3′ away!). The non-combustible surface should be a foot away unless you like smoke stains on brick.

What size cooking surface do you need?

Once you know that your Broil King will fit, check the overall square inches of the cooking surface. You can grill for a lot of people on a 4-burner grill, so make sure the cooking surface makes sense for your family. At Broil King events, we cook for several hundred people on as few as two five-burner grills. Will you be cooking for an army this summer? Many sites use comparison charts to stack up features, but most importantly size.

Grill size guide:

  • 300 Small – Gem / Monarch Series
  • 500 Medium – Baron / Signet
  • 700 Large – Baron / Sovereign / Regal
  • 900 Extra-large – Regal / Sovereign XLS / Imperial

Take a good look at the product pictures

Make sure the site has lots of pictures from every angle, you need to be happy with how the grill looks. These pictures are also the best way to visualize the features that are available.

Check the features out completely, what do they do? How does that improve or simplify the experience? Some are obvious like a rotisserie kit that makes perfect rotisserie chickens. Others like progressively dimming control knob lights (that dim as you turn down the power) or a slide-out tank drawer (that lets you drop the tank in easily without experience in professional wrestling) may not be. Features make your grilling experience easier and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Watch the videos, every Broil King grill and most accessories have them, they’re one of the best learning tools.

Where was it made?

Read the grill’s product story. North American Manufacturing is a big part of ours. North American-made grills come with North American customer service, engineering, quality and reliability. We make great grills and we’re here to make sure you’re grilling experience is the best. Read more…

Read the reviews

A big part of that story is the reviews. Read them, we trust what other consumers say about products and their comments highlight benefits that you may not have thought of yet.

To reiterate, we can’t stress the importance of assembly and home delivery. Grills have grown a lot in size over the last 20 years and can’t easily be thrown in your trunk. Here are the benefits to consider if you’re on the fence about assembly and delivery.

  • A pro is building your grill, the bolts will be tightened properly without cross-threading or stripping. If any parts were damaged in the box from shipping they’ll replace it as they build eliminating that callback. It doesn’t happen that often but it does happen.
  • Like we said grills are heavy and big. Our Imperial XLS weighs a whopping 310 lbs. Even our Signet 320 weighs 138 lbs. Let the store do the heavy lifting.
  • They’ll also get you set up and explain how to use the grill. They want you to be comfortable grilling on your new purchase. Most will walk you through the features, tank connection or how a quick disconnect works on a natural gas hose.
  • You can spend your Saturday grilling instead of assembling.

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