Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Broil King Accessories Gift Packages for Every Griller

Do you have a grilling fanatic in your life or are you that grilling fanatic? Give them the gift of grilling this year. Each package below is custom curated, by our Culinary Director at Broil King, for a number of grilling personas and their grilling needs. Which griller are you? Gift ideas for every griller.

The Steak Lover

Give the Gift of Steak, The Perfect Steak!

This carefully selected collection of items is the perfect fit for the steak lover in your life. Start their journey with The Perfect Marinade and Steak Spice then hit the grill using your 3 colour tongs (use red for raw and green for cooked!). Time your cookout with the Deluxe Broil King grill light with built-in steak timer and check the perfect doneness with your instant-read thermometer, we’ll take ours medium rare, please. Finally, slice up your meaty fare on the Deluxe Broil King cutting board or on your plate with a set of professional Broil King Steak Knives.

The Sports Fan

Your grilling game is strong.

There can be only one winner on game day and with this grilling package, it’ll be you! Grilled chicken will never be the same when you can roast killer chicken and turkey legs with the Broil King poultry leg roasting rack. Lock all your chicken wings into the roasting basket to flip them all together not one at a time; save space and time when you’re grilling. If a full meal is on your menu load up the beer can chicken roaster with great flavour and the right pilsner, lager or IPA. Professional grill tongs and a great set of stainless skewers are some of the most versatile tools in your arsenal, try grilling all your brats pinned on two skewers. Don’t forget your Broil King drink tumbler for a few cold beverages and a handy close at hand bottle opener. Game on!

The Saucier

Do you have sticky fingers with a hint of hickory smoke?

You’re not alone and we can help you get the best BBQ flavour experience! The complete Broil King flavour package contains our addicting Perfect Steak marinade, sweet and spicy Perfect BBQ Sauce, our Perfect BBQ Spice, Perfect BBQ Rub and Perfect KC BBQ Rub. Season, sauce or marinade everything! Use the Broil King marinade injector to get flavours deep into your meats or baste it on the outside with the basting set. Maple planks have a great smoke flavour and amazing presentation for saucy ribs, chops, steaks or any saucy creation. Don’t worry about sticky side shelves again thanks to the silicone side shelf mat; sauce friendly and dishwasher safe.

The Pitmaster

You live for the real hardwood fire experience.

If your dreams are filled with faint wisps of hickory, cherry and applewood smoke and the sweet smell of slow-cooked Q then this is the package for you. Every pitmaster needs a few simple tools to help them make the best smoky fare every time. Heavy leather grilling gloves can take the greasy abuse of your cooker or pit and move around anything hot in or around the fire. A pellet or charcoal scoop is essential for building and maintaining that fire, especially when you can measure how much flavour you’re adding each time. The deluxe basting brush has spoon like bristles that are perfect for sauces and will allow you to baste anything on your grill. Monitor your cookout with the dual probe thermometer. Use one probe to track the internal temperature of your cooker and the other your meat. The dynamic duo of rib rack and rib roaster churns out the best, juicy, tug off the bone ribs every time (seriously, we have the recipe). Lastly, if you own a drill, you can’t forget our meat shredder! That’s right, power tools and BBQ… it’s a match made just for you!

The Fisher

Get Hooked!

Your fresh catch can land on your grill with a few great accessories and some subtle smoke. One of the most complimentary smoke flavours to fish is the aroma of cedar. Cedar planks smoke quickly and act as the cooking surface for your fish. They’re the perfect companion to salmon and have a great presentation too. Wood chips can also add a lot of flavours. Remember you don’t need a lot of smoke to accent sea meats well. Since fish is very delicate, you’ll want a great grill topper to roast your fish and serve it tableside whole rather than flaked. If you insist on grilling your fish directly on the cooking grids use our oversized spatula, it sizes up to the task. For smaller items like shrimp or scallops use the 12-in (30 cm) precision tongs. A handy set of grilling gloves can take the heat when you’re moving around planks or toppers on the grill. When you’re done grilling remove any stuck-on pieces like skin with the Broil king wooden grill scraper.

The Pizzaiolo

That’s a grilled pizza pie!

You’ve got one bite to prove to your guests that you make the best pizza and it all starts with the right fresh ingredients like the following items. An extra hot professional grilling system; great pizza needs high heat to cook hot and fast. A professional pizza grilling kit can also help; a ceramic pizza stone stainless cradle, the handy stopper lip will keep the pizza from sliding off the back and a full-sized wooden pizza peel just like pizzeria’s use. Baste on the sauce with the Broil King basting set and spin that pizza around on the stone with our super flipper to get the perfect golden crust all the way around. Mezzaluna, which means half moon, is the shape of this precision cutting tool you’ll need to divvy up your pizzas into slices without bulldozing the toppings like one of those rolling wheel cutters would. Use our heavy-duty grill brush to make sure you’ve got a clean stone pie after pie after pie. Finally, keep an eye on everything thanks to our ultra-bright grill light.

The Starter Kit

In the beginning, there were these essential grilling tools.

Welcome to the Broil King grilling family! Get ready for years of amazing backyard experiences all centred around great food, friends and family; we’re here for you and your whole grilling experience. To get started you’ll need the following essentials. A professional toolset; great grilling tools are essential. Not everything is going to see as much use as your tongs, but you’ll be glad to have any of these tools when you need them. A quality instant-read thermometer is the difference between medium-rare and medium-raw. All the pro’s use a thermometer to tell the perfect doneness. Skewers can be used for literally everything on the grill not just kebabs. They’re great for ganging small items together to flip them all at once. The Broil King grid lifter is the essential Broil King tool, not only for cooking grids but many of our grilling accessories too. Use the grill light to illuminate your whole grilling surface and the side shelf grill mat to keep grime off your side shelves. Finally, the Perfect Marinade and Sauce are great ways to accent any grilled meal and are exceptionally versatile.